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Happy Home Watch provides home watch services in Dunedin Florda for seasonal residents & snowbirds
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About us

Dunedin Florida based Happy Home Watch, LLC is in business to enhance the experience of owning a second home. As a homeowner, we know that problems can and will arise; it’s only a matter of time. In an occupied home, we have the advantage of recognizing problems early and addressing them in a timely manner. Those same problems in an unoccupied home may go undetected for weeks or even months, and the result can be financially devastating. With Florida’s hot temperatures and high humidity, it only takes a few days for mold to form after a water leak occurs or an air conditioner breaks down. Consequently, early detection is critical, and that is where Happy Home Watch can help. Happy Home Watch will monitor your home to ensure that things are operating smoothly in your absence.

Our list of services is extensive and includes running water through the sinks, showers and garbage disposal, as well as, flushing all toilets. We will check the drains, supply lines and water heater for signs of leaks and examine the ceiling and floors for moisture, as well. We will also check for proper functioning of the air conditioner. If readily accessible, changing the (supplied) AC filter and pouring white vinegar in the AC drain line will also be done. There are several additional checks performed as part of our routine home watch offering, and we also offer a number of concierge services. You can view the complete list on our Services tab.


florida-houseRoutine Services

During every visit, we will do the following:

  • Turn the main water supply on
  • Flush toilets
  • Run water through
    • Sinks
    • Clothes washer
    • Showers
  • Check for leaks
    • Water heater
    • Supply lines
    • Drains
  • Examine ceiling and floors for signs of water
  • Check the air temperature & humidity levels
  • Change the air handler filter
  • Pour white vinegar in air handler drain line
  • Check circuit breakers
  • Test smoke alarms
  • Look for signs of insect or pest intrusion
  • Check doors & windows
  • Pick up mail, newspapers, advertisements…
  • Turn the main water supply off again


Concierge Services

The following services are available, contact us for costs.

  • Car Care: start engine and drive car (if authorized)
  • Airport Transportation
  • Meet service contractors at home
  • Meet delivery personnel at home
  • Do grocery shopping before your arrival


Although you can never completely eliminate the possibility of something going wrong, you can certainly minimize the risk through regular maintenance and monitoring of your home and appliances. Happy Home Watch encourages a minimum of 2 visits per month and recommends 3 or even 4 visits per month.

Visits Per Month

1 Visit: $50
2 Visits: $90
3 Visits: $120
4 Visits: $150

1 Visit: $50
2 Visits: $80
3 Visits: $105
4 Visits: $125

Referral Program

Refer a friend or neighbor and receive a $50 credit toward to your monthly bill!


Contact Us

Happy Home Watch, LLC
Dwight Back, President
656 Broadway #2, Dunedin, FL 34698
Email:      dwight@happyhome.watch
Phone:    727-278-9342

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    As the warm summer months roll in, snowbirds embark on their seasonal migration to escape the scorching heat and enjoy cooler climates. While these extended trips are a well-deserved respite, leaving behind an unattended home can be a cause for concern....