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Things to do when leaving for the summer

On the Day of Departure:

  • Empty refrigerator and freezer; disconnect and leave door slightly ajar.
  • Run 1 dozen ice cubes and 2 or 3 tablespoons baking soda in the garbage disposal to clean blades.
  • Empty dishwasher.
  • Set timers on lights.
  • Drain and disconnect water heater.
  • Strip bedding.
  • Cover drains with stopper and duct tape.
  • Cover and seal toilets.
  • If using chemical mildew inhibitors, cover air passages with 2 ml thick plastic.
  • Set burglar alarm.
  • Check air conditioning for accurate settings.
  • Set off insect “bombs” or “foggers”, if desired.
  • Lock doors and secure exterior.

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